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View From Outside

Behzad Hatam has curated the first exhibition of the series “Atelier Visit” and has also launched the pilot book of the same collection with Joubin MirEskandari’s photographs entitled as “View From Outside”. Simultaneous with the launch of the book, a collection of MirEskandari’s recent ten-year photos has been on display at Ab Anbar Gallery in three different spaces at basement, first floor and the second one.

The exhibition begins with a self-portrait of the photograph which Hatam consider it as the starting point of artist’s work and the text below it is an emphasis on it: “It might be the starting point of everything about Joubin MirEskandari, his point of view is about two meters tall.”

“Look” is the only line that can be searched for in the images, where the curator also states: “He is the photographer of contents, concepts and the context of images.”

However what is seen throughout the exhibition is the diversity of the subjects and the choices made by the artist. The minimalist images with solid composition, photos from people, alleys, streets, nature and portrait with different approaches which makes it difficult to follow artist’s thought and pursue different tendencies.

What is named as the photographer of concepts contains a wide world that any photo can be attached to that.

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