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No War Nearby

AmirHossein Heshmati’s photographs are a boring repetition of a space where he follows with continuity; Images of nature taken while moving the camera. This way images look like paintings due to the blurriness. This method has been tried by many artists for several years and has even become a practice for basic photography students. The repetition of doing such kind of work By Heshmati with the constant theme of nature has become like producing posters in high circulation. Playing with shutter has become his signature of works and except that, he has not made any progress towards his past works.    

Some of his decorative images presented in white wooden frames are displayed without glass and some with a glass on it, in an extremely glossy way. This has intensified the feeling of his images as the posters.

In a corner of the gallery he has also presented some of his photography experiences in a handmade book titled as “Photos I love, but never showed”. Heshmati’s collection of works over the years shows his interest in photography as a decorative and popular element.