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Encounter 2

“Encounter 2” is in continuous of the previous project and attempts to integrate the text and image for creating a new definition, text effect on the function of a pre-captured photo and making a new narration. This event curated by Roham Shiraz is being held in Ag Gallery for five artists in five weeks.
The works presented in second week are related to Nazfar Forghani; where different views of cars in repair shops are displayed. The circular structure of the space forces you to move through the direction which is a positive point in this project. It starts with the exterior view of the cars. In second room there are close shots from inside the cars and before getting to the third room you face three stories from different people involved  (written carelessly) and the final installation and solution will be found in the third room.

Symphoropuilia is a sexual arousal disease caused by watching or staging an accident as the main sentence of the final room and just above the damaged car makes you look at the works twice.

In the end, you have to wait and see if extending the disease to social life in Iran will continue as same as its first two weeks and then at the end of the fifth week analyze the curator’s idea apart from the artists.