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Chronic Agitation

‘Chronic Agitation’ is the result of five artists’ looks with different approaches like video, drawing, print and installation to the subject of urban life.

By the works of Amir Farsijani whose works are always about city life, till Jinoos Taghizadeh whose works are mostly about life itself, Mohammad Kalantari has gathered works with city context.

Chronic Agitation aims to narrate the life of a man in a city in transition conditions; a transition from what it is t modernity and modernism which comes with creation of an inflammation. This is what can be found in Mohammad Khalili’s drawings of the cement blocks, look like some unstable walls, and also in Mahmoud Mahroumi’s installation that has projected eighty frames of human brain’s radiographies with a broken carousel in front of it.

A city basically makes sense with all its people; people who are always interacting with each other. Jinoos Taghizadeh’s work titled as ‘Fatness upon Fatness – 100’ is about this subject. Two videos of a cake with the view of Tehran, being eaten and returned at the same time (through reverse), are installed on two sides of a wall. This brings a question in mind, whether human is consuming the city or the city consuming its people? Whatever the answer be, takes us to the works of Reza Moradi; where we are faced with a sad, black and psychotic city, where chronic agitation happens.