Short Reviews

on Iranian

Contemporary Art


Meshkat Talebi

This series was started in my class with Mehran Mohajer, practicing the work of an artist as reference. The artist I chose was “Patrick Tosani”, who had worked with blind people and braille in his “Portraits” project. My personal perception of this artist continued in my personal project in the form of self-portrait. Finally, with the guidance of Mrs. Ghazaleh Hedayat, and after one year of working on this, it ended up to be my bachelor’s final project.

The linguistic and visual games, and the position of the artist and audience were my main concerns in this project. Using the tactile perception along with the sense of sight, gave me the possibility to play with the hierarchical position of art, which is considered to be an omniscient artist and a holy person, and engage more audience with my work. The photos are extremely blurred, so that the identity and gender of the person in the image is not considerable. The sentences written in braille also describe the face of the subject in the frame. The linguistic structure of the sentences is also not clear. Such linguistic transformation of the sentences is in line with the blurriness of the images.  The images are not clear for the sighted people, as the sentences are vague and confusing to people with no sense of sight.

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