NeveshtArt takes a look at the Iranian Contemporary Art; some notes on what happens today in the art scene.

It reviews some of the exhibitions held at galleries every week with a brief, straightforward look, and follows the art events with short notes.

With brief critiques, surveys, analysis, and other possible tools besides representing contemporary art, it creates a historical memory. Being published in both Farsi and English, it also provides a platform for anyone on the global web to be able to read about art in Iran.

NeveshtArt started first by bringing together a group of writers, artists, and art graduates, while it has no boundary for its editorial board and accepts anyone with the concise look, familiar with the writing framework.

It is a place to analyze everything about Iranian visual art; an excuse to look again and talk about the unseen and the unheard, in a geography as vast as Iran.

Owner: Zeeban
Producer and Director: Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh
Executive Director: Ceemin Golshan
Authors: AmirBahador Bayat, Negin Firoozi, Narges Hasani, Babak Javadzadeh, Samaneh Jafari, Neda Jabarzadeh, Amin Shirpour, Rana Severi, Forugh Taj, Mostafa Shahrokhi
Translator and Editor: Ceemin Golshan
Design and Visual Identity: Studio Melli
Graphic: Narges Fadakar