Short Reviews

on Iranian

Contemporary Art


Payam Akramipour

This series entitled “Kooy’s Visions” was started in my documentary class with Mr. Nadjmabadi and Mehran Mohajer. Months later after entering the Kooy-e Daneshgah dormitory and walking in the area, a strange building called The House of Art & Culture caught my attention. Inside the building, it was as if it has been abandoned for decades. There were piles of dusty books inside a room. The ground was dug up in one part, and another part of the building was turned into a place to keep chickens and roosters. I decided to take pictures from inside and outside the building, but walking inside the Kooy, I realized that the dormitory’s area shall also be represented. A space full of exhaustion, which its walls were covered with different slogans. Its hall has been closed, and the surroundings of its cultural institute had been turned into a place to store garbage. Some old, damaged objects were also left in some parts. These features in that place motivated me to show the audience an accurate reflection of what has never been seen from there.