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Exhibition Review


“Yoke” is a series of works in painting medium, and express different subjects that speak under the shadow of a single topic. Compassion is the single defined theme of the exhibition. The definition of compassion which is being established throughout the exhibition happened through loss: depicting narratives and moments that the lack of compassion is imagined; a method in which the encounter becomes more effective to promote the desired concept of confusion and mystery. The approach of the exhibition uses its desired concept (compassion) as a tool with which a person a person gets closer to humanity to protect himself from the dark aspects of life, by portraying and displaying these aspects themselves; aspects that are introduced in the statement with titles, such as anger of the nature, power, etc. However, it is important to see how much the making of a common concept with different titles can bring different pieces together and create coherence.

To create a coherence, we need a trace of a repeated object, a general atmosphere, a specific and common technique related to the concept in all the works, creating a narrative, or making a motif, or any other idea, a coherence that the audience can understand after seeing and hearing it and does not fail to follow it. In case of the lack of coherence, the loss itself may also be lost. We may only see its effects and feel the vacuity, but not find its source. This question remains unanswered: what loss is the loss?

How much this show has been able to meet this important issue can be understood through examining these points.