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Without Fear or Anticipation

The title of “Without Fear or Anticipation” is taken from one of Ahmad Shamlou’s poems; a presentation and image that aims to summon the past to the present.
Mojgun Bakhtiari, with black and white acrylic and graphite, obsessively puts a chain of events together to draw and do her own story. The visual elements and characters of her work are done limitedly on the gray palette and are often located in an unknown atmosphere. Quoting from the past in the works of Mojgun Bakhtiari has always existed, using archival images for this purpose. In this series, she has selected some images from the past that by the present are recognized as one of the issues of the day and does not seek to confirm the past by showing and reminding a memory that is already in danger.
The spiral and fluid forms are the dominant images throughout the exhibition. They sometimes appear familiar and sometimes their repetition makes them look abstract, which refers to a deep feeling in the mind. This is the method that Bakhtiari has also used in her previous works. In this collection, however, she portrays a paradox of space and time. A time that is empty and monotone, and a situation that seems to exist, though it does not; like experiencing a strange space in a dream.