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With Twelve Years Delay

Entering the space of the gallery, I faced some empty walls. It seemed as if I shall look for something else, maybe it is a riddle I should solve. Of course, there were enough elements in the space that can be thought of as part of the work; a desk and a raisin cake on top of it and three chairs. There were also two half-open doors at the left side of the entrance and in front, at the end of the gallery with yellow light coming out of them, catching the eye in the space. Reading the statement, I thought maybe I should not look for anything.
During these years, Bakhshi’s subjects have been things we had all been involved with, whether directly or not. And perhaps, it can be said that he has chosen his subjects from the heart of Iranian’s collective memories, and now, with a delay of twelve years, again, he has chosen an issue raised from the heart of the same memories.
But visiting the show, the question may arise as to whether he did it at the right time. Is it supposed to be effective? Is it a reminder to not forget? Or maybe just a game!

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