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Climbing up the stairs of O Gallery, we come across the figure of a buffalo, made in the most ideal way, both in terms of technique and material, and the concept of the show.
In this series, Hosein Hasanshahy has taken inspiration from the traditions of the southern cities, from Khuzestan to Sistan and Balouchistan, to embody the distinctive features of these regions. The artist’s attention to the inspiration and references to southern music and dealing with the musical instruments of those regions cannot be ignored.
“The artist has been working on the collection on display for the past three years; initially intending to make an animation, the outcome resulted in a series of sculptures with his interest in experiencing and representing this culture in a different medium.”
Besides the drawings on the wall, the main material used in this series is rotten metal, which in terms of visuals and content has references to weather, drought, and environmental issues in these areas; figures made neatly, remind us of Giacometti’s figures. It was perhaps better if the artist used more unknown forms, so such comparison would not occur in the viewer’s mind. However, this series can be considered as a valuable project that immortalizes the history of a part of our country.