Short Reviews

on Iranian

Contemporary Art

Exhibition Review

Vaghaye Ettefaghie

Using and referring to the photographs related to Pahlavi period was Soudeh Davoud’s main idea for this exhibition. Her figurative works present a narration of a historical past. The exhibition includes some paintings with gray colors on canvas, some pencil drawings on cardboard and also an installation of stones hanged from the ceiling with some figures depicted on them.

Women and their role in contemporary Iranian history is the subject of her conceptual approach in these works. To further this issue, she has used images that more address the sense of nostalgia and the regret of an unknown past is reflected in them. This leads the audience’s mind to social change when the names of the works are combined with the date and number and does not allow him to see, think and interpret.

One of the characteristics of Soodeh Davoud’s work , due to the background we know of her earlier works, is the superior quality of her drawings and coherency of her images; a mechanism that is rarely visible in her act of painting.