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Uneasy Ancestry

The recent exhibition of Mahsa Karimi titled “Uneasy Ancestry” can be considered in the continuation of her work process. Deformations of the human face and body and the structure of composition are some of her work features that are also seen in this series. Her works are a remake of personal experiences, which the artist herself is an integral part of it. The elements of the image in this series are close to each other in terms of form, and there is a dominant silence in most of the works.
None of the characters in the works are focused on a specific act; space makings sometimes turn attention away from the paintings and sometimes not. Colors do not have a realistic aspect but have appeared from the memory and the subconscious. Although Mahsa Karimi believes her style of work is influenced by the method and painting practice of one of her relatives, the process of her work is often focused on the viewer’s look and goes on with a purposeful structure. Such distinction makes her work different and reinforces this idea when the artist focuses more on the essence of time and place than showing the truth of a unique event.