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بی‌پایان و نامعلوم گالری پروژه‌های آران

Uncertain and Endless

Koosha Moosavi’s second solo exhibition is being held at Aaran Projects Gallery. Dealing with the concept of human, this exhibition tries to discover its external and internal confrontations.

The artist tries to express himself mentally with an anthropological look at the subjects of culture, society and power relations using installation, painting, volume and video. Koosha Moosavi’s works with a critical look towards homo-science man, considers him as an animal that after about two hundred thousand years from the beginning of becoming wisdom, is still the same animal he used to be. In a work consisting of a long checkered-table with two actors who play instead of the beads, he talks about the human relationship in the system of power, while in the two videos playing around the work, people (the same beads) are randomly selected and showed with an algorithm.

The short narratives that the artist deals with in “Uncertain and Endless” series, narrates the complexity and confusion of man in a world that is trapped in a vicious cycle.

Mousavi’s series, that more than two years has been spent on it to get prepared, is a dynamic collection that can be expanded. The subject of man that has always been considered by artists since past times, in Koosha Moosavi’s collection deals with some dark aspects of human existence that seemingly there is no hope for that to change in the direction of becoming better. 

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