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Try to Be a Rainbow

The new series of Hossein Tamjid titled “Try to Be a Rainbow” is contrary to his previous series “Infinite Imperfection”. This series is presented at Homa Gallery with eighth works which have been done with oil and acrylic techniques.
Generally, it can be said that Tamjid seeks his source of inspiration in nature and his creativity is influenced by natural elements. Flowers have always been the main subject of his works, which shows the close connection of the artist with poetry. In this series, the artist has achieved abstraction by getting focused on the subject and has created some varieties in his works by drawing lines and geometric shapes with bright and fantasy colors.
Hossein Tamjid can be known as a sentimental artist. In his previous series, he had created some black-and-white works with pencil and pen, which was the result of his momentary feelings. In these works also, as is mentioned in the statement, the variety of colors and geometric shapes show a change of perspective in the artist’s look in the last two years.