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Torn Imagination

Large volumes wrapped in the fabric are hung next to the industrial structures in the blue sky, and a strange calm reigns in this space. The strangeness of this calmness becomes apparent when black smoke appears in some of these frames. Although this tranquility is very unstable in general, the position of what is wrapped in the fabric and hidden is very frightening, and this constantly threatens the calmness.
Creating an uncertain situation in contrast to the unknown and the known, Khalife has created an imaginary and surreal space. The industrial elements and structures in his paintings are familiar and certain, but actually have no daily use for the public and are not much known as well. Of course, we know that these structures are huge and are considered a measure of the hung fabric volumes. This increases the uncertain position of the viewer in front of these works; a position between the pleasure of combining these elements and eye-catching colors in front of the fear of facing the greatness of what is hidden. Some of the volumes wrapped in fabric look like an animal, some are reminiscent of a baby in a swaddling cloth and some are like a corpse in a shroud. In all of these, what is covered and hidden is very huge and hung in the air; it is as if the artist wants to gently pour on our heads all the force of everything that causes horror. Especially because all the details in these images are skillfully done and make the current situation completely real and believable. It is as if what is hidden are our unpleasant memories and nightmares which have appeared in such awe.