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on Iranian

Contemporary Art

Exhibition Review


Nasser Bakhshi’s exhibition is a glorious collection of structures, boxes and paintings titled as ‘Tides’ held at Dastan Gallery.

The artist has assembled pieces of old memories with great care and many details and has created a work full of elements, chaos and yet luxurious; an installation in which new things can be discovered with each new look.

Performance skills in works of Bakhshi is sometimes so powerful that affects the content and subject and stuns the viewer by the emerged form; a form that for its creation, all the details have been taken care of.

The nostalgic side of works, along with the paintings of distressed portraits and symbols of soldiership and war, as well as the title of exhibition that refers to the fluid and circular nature of life, reminds us of the world in past, present and future.

According to Takin Aghdashloo, the collector of this exhibition, structures and installations of Nasser Bakhshi laid out in a box or a showcase, represent some happenings and dreams which by putting the pieces together and combining them with painting and drawing, artist tells some stories