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This Pale Tear with the Iridescent Reflections of Opal

The show almost begins from the entrance and the courtyard, in the showcase of the gallery, and continues on two floors, each with a different theme and presentation of the works.
Downstairs, the works refer to death, and as Mahsa says “the loss of a life”. The recumbent bodies, embracing the ground, are placed lower than eye level, in order to intensify the concept of destruction, which has given the works an extra expression and has also been successful in conveying the concept. Even her mountains are covered with blackness and the view is no longer enlivening. While doing these works, she has been thinking about death (there were periods in recent years when nothing but this was possible), the artist explains, and these preoccupations have indeed reached the heart of her works.
The aesthetic of pain and sorrow cited in the statement is how she looks at the world around her. This seems to be what happened in her life and now we see its result on the walls of the gallery. By showing these works, she wants to bring the audience more to her mind to know her better. The traces of her other interests such as cinema
(multiplicity of works) and literature (the use of words in the works) can be found in these pieces.
On the second floor, the theme of her works is changed and is now tending to life, though their existence is yet from death. The colors have become brighter and feel like the lust for life has found a way into her works. It is now the time to empathize with the lost souls and color has returned to the works.
Once again, art has been liberating and has brought light back to life.