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There’s No Such Thing as a Big Story

The current show of Siamak Filizadeh titled “There’s No Such Thing as a Big Story” is a continuation of how he thinks about manipulated photography; a method of producing images that begins with staged photography and is presented by placing the visual elements beside each other as a whole. In this project, Filizadeh focuses on breaking the big stories. He changes the appearance of the stories and tries to narrate the whole story from the heart of the available conceptual details; details with conceptual references that narrate the religion and its derivatives, as well as the socio-political events. In these images, the artist incites society’s chaos which he is also a part of it and redefines this chaos in a controlled way and in the course of his main idea. The visual references in some of these images refer to miniature and its multifaceted perspective, due to his previous project’s tradition; an image that can be seen as a visual encounter and a concept of Iran’s new image.
If the miniature deals with mystical and sometimes spiritual issues related to symbolic places like gardens and architecture, the images of Filizadeh, inspired by the multifaceted perspective of such form of visual edit, express some issues that have been turned into social subjects in the material world and make sense in relation to urban and sometimes modern environments.
Editing such images with lots of visual elements is difficult to work and can be simulated as walking on the edge of a razor; something that Filizadeh has done it very well. Such method of flawless work with large diamond prints allows him to transfix the audiences in front of his work and take them into the visual and conceptual details of the images.