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نمایشگاه آلت بازی گالری پلتفرم ۳

The T0-Play Tool

Hamed Babaei has shown his collection titled as “The T0-Play Tool” at Platform 3. He considers the exhibition as a representation of human life by their presence in this community and asks the audience to interact in this game.

Entering the exhibition space, you encounter a table on which some small structures made of a combination of metal and concrete are placed. The metal figures that play the role of war soldiers, play on a concrete volume and you will be the one who plays them. The repetitive sound of tick-tock invites you to a second space, where in its center a war is happening between the war soldiers on a concrete hemisphere and with any movement of this structure, the sound of abrasion makes a rhythmic melody.  

The third and final space, shows the result of this game on nature; structural narratives, framed on the wall and the addition of dried leaves and flowers to its elements.

Describing this game, the artist has put the concept of the game as an independent arena faced with the reality of the current situation in front of the audience. The repetitive cycle of the wars, destruction of nature and finally the destruction of the earth is the truth hidden in the heart of this game. Games exist, cause we (the humans) play.