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نمایشگاه غروب بين دو خورشيد/ درماندگى گالری محسن

The Sunset Between Two Suns/Despondency

“The Sunset Between Two Suns” and “Despondency” are two collections of two artists that have been displayed at Mohsen Gallery; two artists with different points of view, one is out of hope and the other is out of emptiness. The first thing that shows the difference between the works, is the use of colors and the technique they use in their work. Each has a different word to say and pursues a goal. In Ebrahimpour’s paintings, which are mostly worked with low-contrast colors, nature is depicted in a closer view with a clear figure. The artist’s mentality is to show the weakness of the man against the world’s discovery, as well as the world’s feedback and reaction against him. However, in the paintings of Milad Jahangiri, nature is painted in a more distant view, along with some unfortunate events such as fire or sea floods, which shows the artist’s anger and hopelessness towards the world around him.

Both painters show the infinity and insignificance of man in the world and nature, but in two opposing views of despair and hope. They have been able to make a unified show with two contrary techniques and thought in the process of creating the work. 

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