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Exhibition Review

The Second Annual of Visual Arts, SATIN

An exhibition of the selected works of The Second Annual of Visual Arts, SATIN was held at Saba Art Gallery. The works are presented in form of different mediums including photography, painting, sculpture, printing, and new arts. Compared to the previous period, big differences can be found in how the works are presented and new approaches can be seen in all parts of the exhibition.
There are different approaches in this period from how the material is selected to how the works are installed on the wall and their relation to the space, which is the result of artists’ awareness of the new methods of production and presenting artworks in the world and getting familiar with its approaches.
In painting, the figurative skill is visible in many works, which shows the return to figures in today’s Iranian painting, and other approaches such as still-life, landscape, and other subjects were found much less. Also, sculpture and new arts, which are considered a significant part of this exhibition and due to their methodology had the most connection with the space, which was due to the being of work in the context of the show and also due to the artist’s thought and has doubled the attractiveness of the exhibition in a way.
But in general, the lack of space between the works, especially in the section of paintings, has compressed the exhibition a bit. This compactness has confused the mind of the audience due to the thematic and sometimes technical multiplicity of works, which could fix the urgent need of the audience to carefully reflect and observe the works by providing a wider space for this section.