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The Poetic of Water

As the artist says, when everyone was quarantined in their houses due to the fear of the Corona Virus, he began to travel, aiming to document this emptiness and loneliness. He traveled to the south and north to portray his struggles with water and loneliness. However, I never understood the cause of this conflict through his words or the statement. He has taken his photographs with a 135mm camera and expired colored negatives, and printed them in large sizes.
His first photograph, is a blurred image from the sea, that due to the lack of sharpness and printing in large size, as well as lack of control over the expired negatives, has turned into the grain and technical problems, and so the image gradually shows itself in the midst of these problems.
Babak himself says they these destructions are conscious and intentional, though it seems to be extra work, and that we have only seen it due to Babak’s interest, not that the image itself had been creating any meaning. Such lack of clarity ends right here and will not be repeated.
The show is in different parts and has some of everything; it is sometimes black and white and sometimes colorful. It shall be asked if they have sat together or reinforced each other.
“The Poetic of Water” never promises un and new image or idea, and is anything we have repeatedly seen and understood, though with no deepening. Even the title has been chewed over and over again and no longer has the charm that the artist wanted. However, it is alright, cause as the artist has cited, he has been working just for his sake of personal pleasure.
The most time I stood in front of a frame in this exhibition, was the statement installed at the entrance, on the left wall. The text is written by Sohrab Ahmadi, and as he says, he has searched among various theories and had decided to stick to the works after consulting with his master, without knowing that such philosophies have become obsolete and if the works themselves have the potential to accompany such text or not.