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The Only Way to Understand The Life Force of Something Is to See A Part of It Die

The works of Golnaz Zibandehkhoo presented at 009821 Projects are based on photography medium and focus on the word “life”. In this series, the artist has explored her past and has recorded the difficult days her father was struggling with; breathtaking days that may have become possible to bare for the artist just by taking pictures. Focusing on nature, the photographer’s eyes have made the concept of life a subject for her images. “The nature that feeds on life, and every time it dies and comes back to life, reminds us of our life! A life that necessarily kills a part in order to create a new life!”
The visual quality of the photographic slide and the chemical record of the images have given a special atmosphere to the exhibition, which has definitely leveled up the exhibition for several steps. Some images with appropriate color and contrast accompany the statement. There is also an artist book beside the large framed works on the wall, which by turning its pages, we can join the artist and get into the depth of the images’ daily life, and “perhaps have a better understanding of the life’s definition”.