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on Iranian

Contemporary Art

Exhibition Review

The Highest

‘The Highest’ is the title of Shahpari Behzadi at Assar Art Gallery. Drawings and paintings that refer to the traditional Iranian architectural image and ‘dot’ has a decisive role in their formation as the main element; forms and textures that are made with obsession.

In works of Shahpari Behzadi, the audience is confronted with an abstract image and the expansion of the circular form looks more frankly among the geometric shapes used in the works. The interpretability and process that can be observed, would happen while the viewer is in direct connection with works.

The visual surfaces in the textures that are considered as technical strength in her works, create significant continuity and development, but some of the works performed on cardboard in smaller sizes than others are often missing this feature.

However, although the performing techniques of the works are of acceptable quality, but looking at the visual structure of textures created by diluted acrylic paint, some performing bugs are still visible.