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The Discreet Charm of Jean-Claude Carriere

Jean-Claude Carriere is a novelist, playwright, screenwriter and a relatively familiar name in our contemporary cinema. Dastan Gallery has exhibited his series of work titled as “The Discreet Charm of Jean-Claude Carriere” which includes his drawings since 7os during his travels in Iran.

The fascinating thing about these works is his simple and fluent approach in expression and how the audience finds the artist’s eyes as a camera while capturing the moments. An ordinary image that may seem indifferent to an Iranian citizen is a thrill full of excitement in eyes of Jean-Claude.

 The pleasure of visiting these works for the Iranian audience is like seeing Jean-Claude from different parts of Iran. We take the same touristic look that artist had on the subjects. However the exhibition has its discreet charm which is declared while looking at the works. This kind of look is the most impressive aspect that is enough for one to enjoy the works.