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The Container Made of the Contained

“Container Made of the Contained” was the title of the exhibition by Mahsa Aleph held at Mohsen Gallery. Based on her previous works, Mahsa Aleph has worked with material. We remember this artist with her other series “Aleph’s Library” and “The Aleph’s Archive”.

This time she has installed seven hundred plates made of wheat, empty of any meal. The plates somewhere become so empty that the container is not worth anymore to be kept and we just see them in pieces.

The coexistence of plates beside burnished date kernels (even their connection string is missed) is a symbol of wandering; the wandering of those in prison who want to kill time, so perhaps they will receive good news and get released and carry their empty container anywhere out there in the city.

In the center we see a table with no plate but some sulfur in the middle which artist might have put there as the truth of a claim, as eating sulfur used to be a way of verifying the truthfulness of the person’s claims.

At the end we must see in time if Aleph would come proudly out of this test of legitimacy.