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The 6th Annual Photo Exhibition, University of Tehran

Place: Faculty of Fine Arts
2022, June 25th – 29th

Author: Amin Shirpour
Photos: Ala Sadavi

After two years of holding this event online, the sixth annual photo exhibition of the University of Tehran was held at Fine Art faculty of Tehran University, visited by many audiences.

This event which was dedicated this year to Yahya Dehghanpour, due to his tireless efforts and irreplaceable influences on photography training in Iran, started with a lecture by Dr. Mohammad Sattari and continued with the presence and speeches of Mr. Dehghanpour.

Following the programs of the first, the book of this event and the eleventh issue of Cheshmak Magazine were presented. There was also a meeting on contemporary landscaping and photography from 16:00 to 18:00, with the presence of Mr. Mehran Mohajer and Mr. Hamid Severi, hosted by Zhoubin Abdiani.

This event will be continuing till June 29th from 14:00 to 19:00, and those interested can visit the selected works and participate in discourse sessions with the artists.