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نمایشگاه طهرات گالری ثالث


Saless Gallery is hosting a solo exhibition of Tala Derangi’s painting entitled “Tehrat”.

Tehrat aims to express the decline of greatness of art in a country that once has influenced from the far east to the west, and in fact the Herat school in Iranian art has been the center of these works.

The “School of Herat”, which was founded during the Timurids and the reign of Shah Rokh in Herat, in one of the most brilliant periods of Iranian art, which has left some excellent works of famous artists, such as Kamal Uddin Behzad and Ghias Uddin.

Combining such atmosphere and having a look at the growing modernity of a metropolis like Tehran, Derangi has tried to have a pathological expression of the current situation.

By asking a question in her statement that “is modernity the answer to all human suffering today, that even in art we have been so helplessly hanged on it?”, she criticizes the modernity and bases the structure of her series on this basis.

So, by merging the Herat school and urban life in Tehran, “Tehrat” series embraces a surrealism that is actually the result of modernism, and by ignoring the growing process of the urban population compared to the past and the growing need of consuming natural resources, regrets a time when the sky was white and blue and the golden wheat field was dancing. She also ignores the idea of “art, as the child of its time” in her works, while considering today’s manuscripts unidentified. It is as if the contemporary artist is bound to a retrospective look to present a work of art with identity.