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نمایشگاه مجازی تیرآرت

Teer Art Fair

It is obvious without being said that most people prefer to visit visual art in person, not online. The first experiences virtual exhibitions happened at the same time by the limitations necessary in times of social distance, however the sensory characteristics such as texture, scale and light cannot be fully transmitted in this way. Something more interesting is that looking at art is more than just an aesthetic experience. It can be an opportunity to spend time with friends, chat with artists and galleries or visit another neighborhood or city. The difference between seeing a picture from a painting and looking at that painting in person, is like the difference between seeing an image of a wheat field and experiencing the sensation of wheat stem, while being there in a wheat field. Receiving the sensational observations deceases when the experience of seeing gets limited to the virtual space.

Teer Art Fair has temporarily held its third round online due to the spread of the COVID-19.

The schedule of galleries in Teer Art this year is more organized comparing to the previous two periods and we are less encountered with performative and technical diversity of works in one booth. Although we rarely see any trace of the time, social and political situation in the works, but Teer Art Fair definitely represents the image of the economy that dominates the field of visual art in Iran, which is considered as one of the factors effective in the growth and development of the visual arts, and its happening is a step forward in this path.