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Tears On Fires

‘Trees On Fires’ is the title of an exhibition presenting the works of Hanie Sadri. The works include some volumes, photographs, paintings and installation. The photographs have been worked and changed over a period of seven years. The sculptures of human head were made of papier-mache, paintings were a mix of different materials and the installation was a table covered with lightened candles. Simultaneously a sound was heard from the speakers.

This collection, as its title implies, should be a reminiscent of mourning. Too much effort to use different mediums at the same time and for one single collection, can be named as a weakness. In such circumstances, no specific line between the works of an artist would be considerable. However, the works of sound and installation were somewhat successful in transferring the emotion to the audience.   

As we read in the statement, artist has been trying to reflect his own tastes and interests and has used anything to achieve it.

The question here is that as anyone unfamiliar with art might do this over and over again, then what is the difference between them and an artist? The other question about the statement is the appealing to imagination and being fictitious, which is the main process of producing any art work. So what is the difference between this collection and other works of art?

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