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Tattered Masterpieces

“Tattered Masterpieces” is the title of a new series done by Negar Farajiani, displayed at Inja Gallery. She is an interdisciplinary artist who creates her works with different techniques. This series includes works with various mediums, including photographs of some fabric details, tattered fabrics, some plants, and photographs of distorted paintings of Ali Qapu Palace in Isfahan, in all of which the artist seeks to associate the history of Iranian painting and visual identity.
She has printed some of the famous images of famous paintings on fabrics and destroyed them in a process, to a point that they are no longer recognizable. She has also displayed some images of the plants depicted in miniature by reinstalling them and showing their process of affliction through the use of photography.
In this series, the artist tries to remind mortality by meditating the history, and also makes a bridge to the present moment to express a meaning that indicates the non-completion of the past and its preservation. The artist wants to re-narrate the past events that led to the destruction of objects or images.