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نمایشگاه تَلوار هنرمند طاهر پورحیدری گالری هما


According to Plato, the creation of the world does not mean creating out of nothingness, but order and coordinating scattered and intertwined objects. In addition, Plato relates the planning of the world to the supreme God and creator or the same Demiurge. From his point of view, the position of the architect can be considered equal to Demiurge.

Architecture is a decorative appliable art that brings together a range of specialties and arts to create a world on earth. It is basically a rational foundation that a series of actions focused on the human will leads to its construction, and so man expands the space to prove his role in the world. It’s now the time to think why and how human abandons such systematic structure or destroys it.

Although Pourheidari’s paintings do not answer this question, but he challenges the architecture and specifically the Iranian architecture (which is very rich in thought and beauty) by creating an apocalyptic atmosphere and shows a picture of the wonders of Iranian art which is about to finish. However, taking a closer look at the works, it can be understood that architecture is just a tangible reference to warn of a culture that is being destroyed.

The works are illustrated by a painterly obsession, like an architect. Realism in his works has become the main feature of his paintings.

This time by keeping his past method in his works, he has distanced himself from the urban space in the modern sense and leads his audience to a heritage that is unconcernedly being destroyed. 

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