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نمایشگاه همدردی گالری فرمانفرما


Elina Zavar’s solo exhibition titled as “Sympathy” has been held at Farmanfarma Gallery, consisting of 22 small works of cardboards and 6 large works on canvas.

These works revolve around one situation; an insecure condition of placing human being in a dual situation that creates a sense of victory and loss at the same time. What is evident in these works, is the removal of facial details from painted characters; the face that introduces the identity of each person and its absence maybe defines anonymity. Perhaps, if we separate the face, space, time and space from the people, then it will only be the sound of heart that remains, which would beat based on the situation.

“Man” is present in the works of Zavar, regardless of his identity, race and class. She wants to bring the audience a voice from the sad heart of her figures, and in this regard, by removing the faces and geography, she tries to create an equal condition to put suffering people together and express the similarity of human beings in hiding their difficulties.

In fact, removing the face means removing the identity and hiding unutterable subjects; subjects that sometimes traps the person in a dead-end with no choice but to remain silent and stare.

In these works, suffering characters are sitting or standing together, bearing the burden of their pain, as if they all know that there is no next move and they are all doomed to equality. (Refers to Pat law in chess.)

“Sympathy” hosts its figures with no empathy. The painter invites her audience to look at the characters who need to talk on the verge of collapse, so they can empty their mind.