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on Iranian

Contemporary Art

Exhibition Review


“Though it has lost its freshness and aroma, it has gained other things in return: dots, lines, texture, and different shades of darkness and light.”

In the opinion of the artist and according to her statement, dried limes are full of features to be used as drawing subjects. Because of her studies in Persian Miniature, she has depicted them through etching, a technical approach special for drawing. Her attention to reach a range of etching is eye-catching not only in one work but in the whole series. It is as if she has spread the technical possibilities among the works. In one piece, using scattered dots and slow etching with pale and same color ink, she has achieved pure slowness, and pure rapidity in another one, using compact dots and tight etching with colored ink, and a range of slowness and rapidity in her whole series. It is as if we are faced with a permutation of density and accumulation of the limes on an unlimited surface, density and accumulation of the etched dots inside the limes, and their intensity of peripheral lines.

Besides the images of the dried limes, there are also some images of dates, that are different with the help of dark or light lines and surfaces, and other features and approaches can also be recognized in their series. But what, more than anything else, limits our imagination in confrontation with the images, are the gold and silver frames of the same size and color, thick passepartouts, and prominent wooden frames. Perhaps, there must have been better solutions sought for a gradual and proportionate exit from the work.