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Sting Therapy

Shirin Gallery has hosted the first solo exhibition of Hamed Norouzi, titled Sting Therapy.

Relying on the history of art and at the same time turning away from the current concepts of the important works of painting history, the artist does a kind of appropriation. Referring to the works of great painters and mocking them, he creates a space that forces the audience to pay attention to his works and analyze them.

Norouzi uses bees in his works, and so he adds a mythological look to the historical atmosphere he creates. This way, he achieves a contemporary reading of the art world; where the elements of pop culture sit on the body of classic art and strain this seemingly tough world. The use of bees in most of his works is what can be considered as a reference to one of the common points of cultures, as the myth of bees has its specific role and place in most cultures. From Saudi culture and references in the Quran to some parts of Europe where bees are thought to be the messengers of the Gods, and their existence is related to human life and death. Such a multicultural look, along with a historical reading in a background that refers to Iranian art, is exactly the amalgam that makes post-modern art.

Hamed Norouzi has created his works with an exemplary obsession. Such attitude in painting is a tradition left by the predecessors and masters and the artist has referred to and represented them in his works.