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Still Lives

The Covid-19 Pandemic has been the biggest challenge that has changed lives around the world in the last year. This has caused many sensitivities towards this sickness and its complications, and many artists have worked with that subject. Ghazal Radpay, who always addresses different issues of the contemporary world in her works and reflects some components such as the environmental concerns and difficulties that the modern world has caused for the contemporary man, has portrayed this challenge in her recent exhibition held at Azad Art Gallery, titled as “Still Lives”.

The show includes two video-arts and some drawings worked on silk with ink. One of the videos screened is about the first days of the public quarantine for preventing the spread of the Corona Virus. She had thrown a paper rocket every night from her balcony from May 17 to June 15. This process that was recorded by one of the CCTV cameras of her living place has been edited and then presented.

In another video presented on a screen as big as a cellphone screen, the destroying process of the wings of an airplane’s replica is shown.

In her other works and drawings presented in this exhibition, the previous signatures of the artist are recognizable. The elements designed by Ghazal Radpay include a variety of forms, but they remind the forms seen in spaces such as prisons or hospitals, though this mentality and similarity do not seem to be far-fetched due to the exceptional circumstances caused by quarantine.

The title of the exhibition might bring some questions to the audience’s mind that remain unanswered and vague because of the lack of a statement.