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The weird, confused and incomplete creatures might be a more significant title for Koosha Moossavi’s works in Aaran Gallery, titled “Stagnation”.
The sculptures are presented in three parts of the gallery, starting with the largest one being hanged from the ceiling. The show begins discouragingly, making no desire to continue seeing the works, and goes on the same. The sculptures are half done abandoned. They have come together for no specific reason and seem to be living together in torment.
The space has added to the uncertainty and fragmentation of the works. This space in the midst of remaking a sense of conviction is doomed to stillness, raising the question of whether we need to see more suffering in these days of torment.
Contrary to the statement of the exhibition, there seems to be no sense of the latent desire of the works to move, and these creatures some of which have become decorative, are static with the utmost pleasure and have no desire to get out of it.