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Spontaneous Generation

Oldouz Nabizadeh’s show, titled “Spontaneous Generation” in Bavan Gallery is a re-reading of industrial and applied objects and their reconstruction with a material that has an artistic tradition in its heart. These ceramic objects which are glazed and the artist has removed a part of their objective identity during the process of their creation, have tended to be abstract and have changed their practical motif by transforming their main parts.
Contemporary art has always had the mechanism of industrialization in itself; it uses it in minimalism against capitalism and uses it in later conceptual art to create semantic metaphors. In the continuation of the intellectual tradition of conceptual art and away from its critical point of view, Nabizadeh uses industrial facilities and objects and transforms them beyond the practical meaning into a spontaneous generation that has taken some stains from the ceramic kilns and has given them an artistic creation to them.
The presentation of these works refers to the non-recyclability and abandonment of these objects, which are derivatives of machines; some ugly creatures that can look beautiful in their artistic evolution. Some of these objects were placed on tables in front of the audience, but maybe, if they were all placed on the ground, the resulting concept would have been more clear and the audience could get the concept of abandonment better.