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نمیشگاه دهن‌کجی به افلاطون در باب معماری

Spitting Plato Re Architecture

“Spitting Plato Re Architecture” is the result of works of 21 painters, who each have represented an architectural space with their own style. The statement for this exhibition is written by Bavand Behpour that connects the works to each other.

The statement is so important for the audience to understand the works that if one misses reading it, will confront some works that just represent the artists’ style and technique. With a genealogical look at the relationship between architecture and visual art that is along with technological advances, Behpour tries to honor the imagination of the visual artist by creating a bridge between painting and architecture and to present the architecture not superior to visual art in this context, but in need of that.

In such condition that Behpour establishes between the visual art and architecture, painter is not anymore in the third level of the Plato’s Truth, but is a generator of thought who creates visual culture so that the architect can imagine and create in this context. Hence, architecture is no longer superior to visual art, but even below that in today’s urban planning.

The post-modernist Philip Johmson says: “All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the person in that space.”

We shall ask ourselves, what was the purpose of painting? If we did not feel the beauty, safety, excellence and vitality while looking at a painting, so we probably have not seen it.