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So Were They

“So Were They” seems to be the narrative of those who inevitably were present while the happening of the event (the one which we can guess about by some elements such as the date of the works). They are stared at their surroundings in wonder and even steal their looks from each other and do not talk, lest what they have been watching be real and become real by mentioning it. The bewilderment and fear in people’s eyes inform us of the nature and depth of the story.
The quietest canvases shout the story to us with their loudest voice, and it is strange that they cannot hide anything from the viewer even in silence. “So Were They” is the narrative of the most complex moments and feelings we have experienced in our contemporary history. Nouri’s canvases, without giving any detailed information, throw us directly to her wanted time and place and put us at the heart of the story. They take us back to the most obscure and deadliest events of the recent decades of our history; so clear, transparent, and detailed that by contemplating the works, we may be able to trace the roots of many of the mental states we are engaged with today.
Another brilliant point in Nouri’s work, as mentioned in the statement, is how she puts the colors, and her exemplary precision and sensitivity lead us into the stories and lives of different people.