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So that We Shall not Die of Reality

If we do not consider the drawing ability of the artist as the most important issue in painting and creating a work of art, at least we can assume that having enough knowledge of drawing would cause a structure for a work or a series of paintings; an important point that is missed in Ghazaleh Shalchi’s exhibition held in Asr Gallery.
The expanded field of art from modern to post-modern and relying on philosophical concepts of art, especially painting, creates a context in which any line on canvas can produce meaning. This situation can sometimes help the artist hide to hide his/her weakness behind the piece while creating it. Ghazaleh Shalchi, as she says herself, does not seek to produce any specific meaning (which is itself producing a meaning) and just paints based on her daily emotions to enjoy the process of creating the work. Saying “the subject in my paintings can be anything; a face, a still nature, the space in which I am staying, etc”, Shalchi makes the audience expect a range of variety of moments, though the show mostly includes portraits and figures.
Dealing with the moment in painting is not something new. In the first decade of the 19th Century, the Impressionists were emphasizing the momentary perception of the artist from a live scene, or the Expressionists were striking their brushes on canvas, emphasizing their sense of the moment. Ghazaleh Shalchi’s works are photographed moments that were later painted; like the portrait in which the flash effect is clearly visible, or the image of a woman taking a selfie in front of a mirror, with a cat in her arms. But in part of her statement, the artist says: “The moment I decide about taking a brush or a color, makes me live those moments the best!”.
It is necessary to say that the moment in photography is totally different from painting, but the painter had not paid much attention to. In general, her show is successful in the point of creating no specific meaning and is an exhibition to see for some moments and forgot.