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Slow Rate

Kourosh Adim was born in Babol in 1971 and graduated in Biology. He started Photography professionally in 1991 and held numerous exhibitions in Iran and abroad.
His last show in 009821, is a collection of his art books, which has been produced in three years. These are 70 hand-made single copies, prepared by various printing methods. “Slow Rate” includes 30 copies of these art books, curated by Saeed Mazinani.
These works have three different approaches. At first look, we are faced with men, figures, and portraits. The second part is about nature, flowers, and plants, and the third part is photographs with some objects in them. In fact, this approach of the artist is aligned with his periodical concerns about his discovery in the world around; the space in which too much confrontation with images causes exhaustion. People today are just consumers of the images that their producers are also producing non-stop like giant factories. Meanwhile, the artist has kept himself away from such explosion and created photo books with a photographic obsession.
Adim’s books are single copies. They are not supposed to be mass-produced in a printing process to be used by consumers. That is why his work moves against our dominant socio-cultural current (social media), though in order to inform about visiting these works, we yet need to use the same space that provides the context for an explosion of the images.
Today’s digitalized world has left no room for patience and contemplation. Our world today is a world of speed, and so the images disappear as fast as they publish. Artist books, however, challenge this speedy world and keeps the audience to flip through the book. Although artist books have no long history in Iran, creating and presenting this type of art, Kourosh Adim is trying to introduce it to the art audience.