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Exhibition Review

Silk Prints by Foad Sharifi

Foad Sharifi’s prints on the large walls of Iranshahr Gallery are a review of his ten years of activity with the idea of reproducing works in silk screen method. This exhibition is a selection of works by contemporary Iranian visual artists with different style tendencies, the largest number of them belongs to Nikzad Nojoumi. One of the features of this exhibition is providing a possibility in which a significant part of the visual features of contemporary Iranian art can be observed and studied. This is where Foad Sharifi’s view as the narrator of modern and contemporary Iranian painting current becomes important; What work he would choose to reproduce and multiplicate? Or if he pursues a single idea fie reproducing a work, or just makes this choice based on the visual potential of the work and technical limitations. His work is a valuable archive of Iranian contemporary art, yet Foad Sharifi’s technical skill and sensitivity to working are enough for this exhibition.