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Exhibition Review


Idea Gallery hosted “Silence”, a silence consisting of images of wild waves of sea, pond and river along with the soft sound of music in the gallery space.

In this collection and by using the water’s flexible notion, Faeze Ghojavand wants the audience to think deeply about himself, the nature around him and the vital elements.

From the other side Ghojavand considers water as a current form that due to its nature helps the development of human’s imagination by its transformation. From her point of view sea, pond and river are places for meditation. Pictures are flat and the result of a gazing look in this meditation. Aesthetically, the photographs seem very repetitive and contains no specific point apart from artist’s will to encourage people to look at the nature again.   

It cannot be said that her pictures are neutral and still, as the waves and water splitting is accompanied by turbulence and sound. However what challenges the audience’s perception is that the content and how it is presented is not relevant to the title of the exhibition and the audience keeps asking himself: where is the silence? I do not feel any!

On the other hand, by presenting the pictures in black and white artist wants to instill a sense of silence into the images that have motion and sound; but does getting the color from the image means so? If not, what could be its reason?

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