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Exhibition Review


There might be just a few numbers of those in our art scene who have never heard of Manouchehr Motabar.

He was born in 1936 in Shiraz and started studying English literature in 1956, but meanwhile he travelled to Tehran and graduated in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran. In 1971, he traveled to United States and passed three design courses at the New York Students’ Association and received his master in art education at Indiana University.

Now his self-portraits are exhibited in Azad Art Gallery, unveiling 50 editions of his book featuring artists’ self-portraits and 8 of his earlier works (mostly from late 80s and beginning of 90s) printed in silk screen. There is also another series of him named ‘Cloudy Days’ which consists of his works in different periods of his career.

This exhibition is a brief review of Motabar’s works; whether it be the images of women wearing chador, waiting for war news and their children and husbands, or self-portraits with short texts beside them that refer to the moments the artist has lived.

Manouchehr Motabar is a piece of Iranian art puzzle that whether we enjoy his works or not, can not be ignored.