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“Scaffolding” is a selection of photographs from an eponymous book published in 2020 by Nazar Publication. In this series, we are confronted with photographs that “start from the sky, come sliding to the earth, and end up sneaking into the camera box” and remind us of a description of the material world around the artist. A range of unthings and unseens and how the camera can show us anything.
“The in-between space mothers a suspended order and spawns an indeterminate freedom.” The simplicity and sometimes triviality of the photographs’ subject on one hand, and their ambiguity on the other hand, make the act of discovery difficult, as they are not supposed to refer to an event or narrate it. The common feature of these photographs from the artist’s point of view is” not-fitting-in-any-frame” and staying apart from the other collections. The other characteristic of these photos is their nowhere and timelessness, neither the identity of the place and nor the time is clear. It seems to be the result of the intersection of the look inside the camera with something there, outside. Such method of action and discovery is difficult to be translated, and this is perhaps what amuses the artist.