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Sadegh Tirafkan

Sadegh Tirafkan was one of the first Photography student entries in University of Tehran, whom according to his classmates, was one of the most diligent and active ones. Tirafkan was of a generation that had a look to the events (society, war, city) and a look to the process of art evolution. His photographs of Tasua and Ashura in the 60s, his self-portraits in 70s, and his entrance into the different world of staged photography with pomegranates, the Persepolis and alphabets (at a time when photography was based on form and light) will be remembered. He was so pioneer that with each of his projects, a lot of protests were raised, while years later, they were becoming themselves the followers and copy makers of his works. More than in Iran, Sadegh Tirafkan’s works were more seen outside, and the history proved that the validity of his works is because of his understanding of culture, rather than being exotic. Taking a look at his different works in about three decades of activity before his death will undoubtedly establish and perpetuate his important role in the history of Iranian art.