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Azad Art Gallery has displayed the paintings of Mohsen Mahmoodizadeh, titled “Route”, which is his second solo exhibition in this gallery. The works, as is clear from the title of the show, include paintings from routes and city landscapes painted realistically with oil paintings on different sizes of canvas, and the space in them is reminiscent of moments in motion.
One of the features of his new works is the absence of human and animal figures, which is the result of his time in quarantine and solitude. There are also some warm and spot lights, illuminating the scenes in his paintings. Another feature of these works is that they are photo-based. For example, in the work of an orange truck at speed, the technique can be shot in photography, however, not all the works are like that.
Mohsen Mahmoodizadeh portrays the scenes that he returns to again and again. The Corona pandemic period caused lots of these to happen, including the emptiness of routes and streets. Such thing for an artist who was living in both Tehran and Karaj, made him pay more attention to those routes he was passing from.
The following series are paintings done by the artist in his studio while quarantine, during the last spring and summer. In this series, the artist has studied light, form, and space by changing the color palette. The audience would be able to feel the present and the moment in these works.