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Romantic Structures

The Leipzig School became famous and recognized after its artistic achievements and had a global impact on painting process. Two decades after its formation we were faced with its impact on Iranian young painters. This tendency showed itself in components such as thematic approach, addressing natural landscape, the use of pure and brilliant colors, the type of composition, technical capabilities and etc.

Born in 1977 in Shiraz, Ghasem Mohammadi is one of several painters who exhibited his works in 2000s with a tendency towards Leipzig School.

Strange atmosphere is the first thing that catches the attention. This strangeness and coldness when combined with simplicity and mysterious spaces, increases the sense of duality and fear. Most of his works are natural landscapes. At first glance, the viewer feels looking at a natural landscape painting with surrounding buildings that has a slightly melancholy climate.   

In Ghasem Mohammadi’s recent exhibition in Homa Gallery, empty pools, railways and abandoned amusement parks illustrate the sense of depression in society. Although most of these works originate from the mind of artist, yet the lack of objective experience and no use of cultural components and domestic imagery along with performing techniques in some of the works may be named as some of the exhibition’s weak features.